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Tom's Family

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  I am 46 years old and was born in Panama. I have lived 18 years in New Mexico. My extended family were firemen and policemen; my father an air traffic controller. I learned from them responsibility, hard work and honesty and community service. I was the first of my extended family to attend and graduate college.

After graduating from UNM I went to Chicago and started a computer technology business that employed people from all over the world. After a taste of big city life, I returned to New Mexico. The last 9 great years have been here in Santa Fe County.

I have been married for 12 years to Anne, and we have 8-year-old twins Sarah and Aaron, born at St. Vincent, a dog named Fang and a cat named Smokey. Anne has worked for Santa Fe Public Schools as an Occupational Therapist with special needs children.

I have never been arrested, been sued or sued anyone. Really.


Tom's Community Involvement:
I have always been involved in my community. My desire to run for County Commissioner comes directly from my experience working with local people on local issues.

I have years of local community volunteer and support experience where it counts the most: on the street, in the classroom and when needed, the boardroom and lawyer's office.

Tom's Professional Experience:
I have a lot of real world business experience, from big corporation to small startup. I know what it takes to plan, budget, ship product and meet payroll. I graduated UNM with a degree in Computer Science with minor study in economics. My first job was with AT&T in Chicago, where I won many engineering awards. Tiring of large companies, I became a self employed consultant, developing custom software. When the IBM PC came out, I started one of the first companies to provide PC communications testing equipment ('protocol analyzers'). My company grew to 45 employees, worldwide sales and millions of dollars  in revenue. After 8 years, I sold the company and went back to self employed consulting. My consulting projects have included startup companies, market and technology analysis and non-proliferation studies.

I will bring to the County Commission a solid understanding of business requirements, good management and sound decision making experience.

In summary:
I am not a lawyer, realtor, county employee or developer. 
I am a parent, a resident and a taxpayer who will bring enthusiasm, honesty and diverse experience to the Santa Fe County Commission. 

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