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"No good government without good light." - Tom Blog

Your Privacy:
I have spent years studying privacy policy and computer security. This web site does not collect any information about you. It does record that your internet access provider (AOL, MSN, etc.) viewed this site. No cookies are used, and there is no access to your computer files.

If you choose to provide personal information, it will be used only for electing Tom Blog. No such collected data will be sold, distributed or traded. My campaign also collects and uses public information, such as voter registration lists and public phone lists. No private data I am entrusted with, such as mailing lists from organizations I volunteer for, will be used in my campaign at all.


My Privacy:
As a candidate, I am asking for your trust. To gain your trust I will give up my privacy. I will provide much more information about me and my campaign than is required by election law. What I pledge to provide is outlined here. As your County Commissioner, I must continue to keep your trust. After I'm elected, I will continue to provided far more personal and campaign information than is required by law.


Government Secrecy and Information Access:
Simply put, except for national security (not a big concern of the Santa Fe County Board!) government is not entitled to much secrecy. One of my promises is that public records and policy documents should be public and easily accessible by the public.  Personnel records should be confidential, but any legal settlements (including with employees) should be public. Where the law does provide for government secrecy (pending & ongoing litigation, for example), it should be used sparingly, with detailed disclosure after the need for secrecy has passed.


I will set newer and higher privacy/access standards for candidates, elected officials and local government.

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