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Santa Fe Reporter, May 26, page 13
SFR Pick:  Tom Blog

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Bottom Line:
Both Blog and Vigil are excellent candidates. Their joint endorsement interview was an engaging dialog about the issues. But the commitment Blog has made to open government have set the bar (perhaps unrealistically) for openness and participation.

His Web site lays out, in full detail, everything he will do or accomplish, including donating about $20,000 of his Commission Salary back to the schools each year; posting Commission minutes on his own Web site until the County has the capacity to do it itself; and insuring that the capricious granting of variances in Santa Fe that has led to its ungainly and ugly sprawl ceases.



Journal North
County Commission, Dist. 2— Tom Blog

    A computer scientist and entrepreneur, Blog has made an effort to study the issues and consider solutions. He's not afraid to "think outside the box."
    Blog supports water budgets for county residents as the most flexible way to promote conservation. And he rightly notes that the county shouldn't be afraid to say "no" to big subdivision developments until the water to supply them is available.
    Blog also is an outspoken advocate for more open government. He says the county could do a better job of making meeting minutes and other information available to county residents on the Internet. He vows to improve cooperation between the county and city governments on regional issues, including water. He's made ethics a key part of his campaign— an example more commissioners should follow.
    Blog would be a valuable addition to the county commission.

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